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This week it’s our turn to host Fashion Flash! We love being part of this amazing group of bloggers and look forward to reading their weekly fab fashion and beauty advice. Here’s a roundup of their best posts this week:

Can casual and classy co-exist when it comes to weekend dressing? Discover the perfect style recipe for this sought after look at Fabulous after 40.

Are you at risk for heart disease? Staness Jonekos, co-author of The Menopause Makeover, reveals the latest life-saving information in her interview with top heart doc Chrisandra Shufelt M.D.

Is your makeup aging you or making you look younger?  Fab Over Forty shows us steps on how to use makeup to look younger.

Female Fat Loss Expert, Shawna K is in love…it may not be exactly what you think, check it out here. Maybe you’ll fall in love too!

Black Cat Plus discusses how the trend continues as the fashion industry uses innovative measures to meet the demand of plus-size women’s fashion needs.

Think all accessories are made equal? Not so, check out the creme de la creme in shoes at Obsessed with Shoes.

No-Nonsense Beauty Blog looks at the triggers and treatments for brown spots and splotches.

{Weekly Roundup}

Thirsty for some good reads this weekend FOFs?

FOF Bone Health Challenge: have you signed up?

Big style in a small FOF home

What to do in October

FOF Gitte Lee models for Celine

Art gallery outfit perfection

The FOF queen of marmalade

DIY Halloween costumes for grown ups

Short and sweet

Flea market finds

1957 fashion show

And the best nail polish color for fall is….

Until Monday, FOFs!

P.S. Don’t visit the doctor without this!

Image via Millie Motts

{Weekly Roundup}

We’re rolling out for the weekend, FOFs…

Mad Men star teaches Ellen how to do the Joan Holloway Walk

The best of Paris

101-year-old woman becomes U.S. citizen!

“Will it ever be possible for me to get the looks and allure of my thirties back? You can…but you have to earn it back.”

Bonjour Talbots!

From book pages to fabric or make your own book

Jeggings great for grownups

Male politicians are getting younger, male models are getting older!

“When I was young, everybody on screen was gorgeous. There aren’t many good looking actresses around today.” –FOF Joan Collins

Until Monday…

P.S. Which FOF celeb clothing line would you wear?

Image via The Gilded Bee

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{FOF Featured Blog} Atlantis Home

Too often, do-it-yourself fashion ends up looking just like, well, exactly that. Not the DIY projects from Atlantis Home, a blog by style maven Judy Aldridge. The result of her handiwork is always more couture than craft. Case in point: This stunning refurbed antique graffiti chair (below left) and killer patchwork jeans (right).

Don’t miss our fave DIY projects from Judy’s blog: a fab felted patchwork scarf and vest, a stunning pastel jacket with loop trim and fun sparkly photo ornaments

{Weekly Roundup}

Dream on, FOFs! ‘Til Monday….

A grown-up guide to parties

14 fab women over 50

Flea market finds

Behind lady logos

For women, it pays to be thin

“It will be like a full circle.” -Jeanne Goodman, 97 year old who will attend her high school reunion this weekend

Martha Stewart on glitter

Silhouettes that tell a story

Updating your decor

Have a divine weekend!

P.S. An open house you can check out in your pajamas.

Image by Anne Taintor

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{Weekly Roundup}

Glove love! It’s hands off til Monday, FOFs.

Give your hands a treat

Battle of the best-dressed fashion editor

Secret Paris Séjour

This ain’t no corsage

10 perfect ponytails after 40

World’s oldest twins say liquor is the key to longevity

Secrets from the FOF French Vogue editor-in-chief

What a magazine without models looks like… Pretty good!

Have a delightful weekend….

P.S. Why not wear your childhood memories?

Image via Condé Nast Store

{Weekly Roundup}

We’re taking off for the weekend but let us steer you to our favorite blog posts from around the web this week.

Vintage jewelry that makes a statement

A rustic inn with hidden journals

Cher, Jane Fonda: the art of aging ungracefully

Antiques, anyone?

10 fun facts about FOF Liza Minnelli

Betty White launches her clothing line with this hilarious video

Emotional baggage

Hillary Clinton…yet another fashion faux pas

How to dress sexy, but not like a cougar

Eat, Pray & Love your way through Paris

Say goodbye to summer

Ta-ta FOFs! ’til Monday….

P.S. Do you think Cher “turned back time” with this outfit?

Images by Stephane Massa-Bidal via A Cup of Jo

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{Weekly Roundup}

“You can’t hide your true colors as you approach the autumn of your life.” -Anonymous

We’re prancing off for the weekend… See you back here on Monday, FOFs.

The mother of all makeovers

Diane von Furstenberg revamps the hospital gown

Betsey Johnson’s show is over-the-top. Surprised?

Jane Fonda is making a comeback and writing a book!

Love Lauren Hutton

Too old to be cool?

“Perfect isn’t really that interesting”

Bring back elegant gloves

Leopard jacket: compare and contrast

Age-inspired jewelry

P.S. Love or hate Hillary’s dress?

Image by Richard Avedon

{Weekly Roundup}

So what’s with fashion week anyway? Everything you wanted to know about it but were afraid to ask.

“It’s a different world today and you have to adapt. You can’t look to the past. -Karl Lagerfeld

Earth tones for your tips

Vintage postcards from Tinseltown

Balenciaga commissions FOF Cindy Sherman to create wacky self-portraits

Fall fashions for women look back to the 1950s

Meeting Jane Birkin


How to wear a belt

It’s Fashion’s Night Out tonight FOFs…We can’t wait to hear how you’re celebrating. Xox.

P.S. If you’re gearing up your wardrobe for fall, you’ll need this, first.

{FOF Featured Blog} Une femme d’un certain age

Bookmark this! FOF Susan Blakey’s blog, Une femme d’un certain age, is fab reading: snarky, stylish, a little vintage, a little French, and very FOF. Each day, Susan posts her new fashion picks, musings and inspirations.

“How old is ‘too old’ to enjoy a fling with a current trend, or get a tattoo, or dress in mid-century vintage head-to-toe?” mused Susan on her blog just last week.
Her conclusion? “If an item sings to you (and fits), chances are you’ll feel and look fabulous wearing it. Let’s retire some of those tired old tropes about what’s ‘age appropriate’ and rewrite the rules to suit ourselves.”

Right on, Susan! Read more from her blog here: http://www.unefemme.net/

Comment below and tell us: What style blog do you read?

Images via Une femme d’un certain age